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christopoher murphy
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Default different turbo

Probably this question has come up before but iwas just wondering if you could fit a different turbo to a 2 lte engine to make it spool up faster so you almost have boost from the word go maybe a smaller one any suggestions greatly appreciated also would anyone know of any good exhaust pipe manufacturers in the south east mine has gone and i would like a bigger bore from the turbo to let the engine breathe more easily

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anything is possible,if you fitted say a smaller turbo,it would reduce lag,but you wouldnt create as much power,on the other hand if you fitted a bigger turbo, lag would be greatly increased as would power output,the trick is to create some sort of hybrid turbo using parts from one and parts from another.so you would have the benefits of a small turbo with little or no lag but the power of a bigger turbo. changing compressor housings and turbines is a tricky business also expensive when it goes wrong.something best left up to experts.or fit two turbos one small one feeding a larger turbo.no lag shed loads of power.on the other hand you could always do the waste gate mod and a few other bits and pieces,try typing waste gate mod or boost pressure mod in the search bar.if all else fails buy a 3.0ltr

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