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Default Overdrive not turning on

hiya peeps,

my brother has a '94 model KZN 130 hilux surf 3l td and has an overdrive problem ( or lack of it)

his overdrive will not turn on, the switch is ok but still no joy.

is there a wiring diagram for the overdrive electrical system or is there anything else he can try??

your assistance will be appreciated.
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This any help?
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Hi T0nk

I had a problem with the overdrive not kicking in at all,, After spending nearly 800 on a complete gearbox overhaul(inc.solenoids and switches) and a new throttle sensor(119) it eventually turned out to be the main ECU which controls both the engine and the gearbox.

In the end i had to buy another surf because Toyota no longer manufacture that particular ECU. I'm still hopeful that a wrecked surf will come along so i can use it for spares.

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