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Old 12th April 2012, 16:38   #1
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Post Kwik Fit Sale - 25% 0ff - don't think so!

Kwik Fit currently have adverts running in the press and radio stating they have a 25% off sale.
I phoned Kwik Fit this morning for 4 x 265/70/16 tyres for my Gen 3. They gave me a price of 104 per tyre (cannot recall the make but it was a generic make not a 'named' brand).
I asked for confirmation that this would then be 312 for 4 tyres (416 less 25%).
I was told that the price quoted did not include fitting, valves and balancing and this would make the quote 534. I queried the 25% off sale to be told that the overall price with the discount would be 416 for the 4 tyres (4 x 104).
This seems an amazing coincidence and smacks of a scam. Not the first time I have questioned Kwik Fit's practices.
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Old 12th April 2012, 16:44   #2
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If they were any good they wouldn't need to advertise.

You could buy tyres from here cheaper....

Then just take them to an independant tyre shop and get them fitted/balanced. They charge around 12 per tyre in my area.
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Old 12th April 2012, 16:56   #3
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I knew a Guy who worked for Kwick Fit, They trained their techs to find faults with customers cars to get the work on them, brakes blowing exhausts tracking etc, when they came in for tyres, even to the extent of recognising vunerable customers like the elderly. I would'nt touch them with a Barge Pole...!!
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Old 12th April 2012, 16:57   #4
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haha that definitly smells of a scam!...any tyre places iv ever been to never charged for fittin and balancin if you bought the tires off of them!...iv been buyin from camskill for the last few yrs now though works out alot cheaper to buy from camskill an get a small garage to fit them
local guy to me fits them for me for 5e a tire but he knows me well
places normall charge roughly 10e per tyre
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Old 12th April 2012, 19:26   #5
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My dads friend was a snr manager a Kwik Fit. Used to tell me about when Sir Tom had his first branch (in Leith IIRC), when business was slow the apprentices would be sent out with a screwdriver to puncture some tyres on parked cars
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Old 12th April 2012, 19:27   #6
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Amazing I should read this I had an experience with them only yesterday. On holiday in Cornwall in the Citreon because the Hilux is still in the garage, noticed the front tyres were very worn on the inside(wires showing). Went to Kwik fit in St Austell, quoted 2 front tyres 140 this was including the discount, I bought them last time for less than 100 the pair in a local garage. Googled local garages in St Austell, found one which fitted 2 front tyres, fitted and balanced 87.50, with Vat came to 105. Kwik fit I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole, what a bunch of rip of merchants
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Old 12th April 2012, 20:33   #7
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the advice re Camskill. Just ordered 4 tyres online at vast saving compared to Kwik Fit quote. Wheels are to be blasted and powder coated so tyres will be fitted by the refurb company. A good day for good against evil!
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